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Frequently Asked Questions about Lash Extensions

They’re finally here! We are SO excited to announce the arrival of eyelash extensions at The Pink Door.


Some of you may be familiar with eyelash extensions and some may not. We’re here to answer some of your most frequently asked questions!


Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?
Good quality eyelash extensions require time and precision. There are things that can damage lashes, for example, if the extensions are attached to more than one lash they will cause whichever lash is growing faster to pull out the other lash. Breakage also occurs if the weight or length of the extension exceeds what the natural lashes can handle.


Why do I need to get lash fills?
There are three reasons why you need to fill your eyelashes.
One: your natural lash grows out twisting the extension.
Two: your lashes fall out naturally during their shedding cycle which takes the extension along with it.
Three: the glue breaks down and the lash extension falls off.


How can I tell if my lashes were applied correctly?
Your lash extensions are applied correctly if they do not hurt when they are applied or growing out they also need to be placed close to the base of the lash but not touching the skin which causes irritation. You should also be able to brush through them from the base to the end.


What should I do if I have an allergic reaction to the adhesive?
If a reaction occurs, we have found that taking Pepcid AC with Benadryl helps reduce swelling, redness and prevents further reaction. This, however, does not entirely solve the problem. A second option is a sensitive glue, however, your retention will drop dramatically and volume lashes are not possible due to the slow drying time of the glue.


Are allergic reactions common?
Reactions are not common but they can happen. Most of the time irritation occurs because of not keeping your lashes clean daily with lash bath and not brushing lashes on a regular basis.


Which Style of lash extensions will look good on my eyes?
The answer depends on the shape of your eyes. A cat-eye set can make your eyes look wider or more almond shape. A Natural set can make sure eyes look more open and larger. And a dramatic set will make them look much more noticeable. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying a few styles and seeing what you enjoyed the most.


What’s the difference between classic and volume lashes?
Classic lashes are thick in comparison to a natural lash. Volume means there are anywhere from 2 to 5 lashes to one natural lash which creates what we call a fan. Hybrid is a mixture of the two styles.


What length of lashes should I get?
Length of the natural lash greatly affects the maximum length of extension we can apply. Too long and they will fall out faster and cause breakage. Your lash stylist will make this decision based on what they see. Tip: If you wear glasses you want to make sure they are not too long for your glasses.

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