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Microblading appointments–texting vs. calling

Why should I text instead of calling Nicole for a microblading appointment?

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No matter where you are, it’s normal to call to make appointments. The doctor’s office, the dentist, the salon, etc. But at The Pink Door, we prefer that you text us to make an appointment. We know, it’s different and completely NOT what you’re used to. But it helps us tremendously when you text for microblading appointments than when you call.


Why doesn’t Nicole answer phone calls?

Nicole tries her very best to answer phone calls, but some days are packed with appointments, so there just isn’t any time!

By now we all know what microblading is, but just in case–microblading is a form of eyebrow tattooing that is ideal for sparse, over-plucked eyebrows. This permanent makeup technique is performed using a hand tool with tiny needle groupings that are designed to deposit pigment into the skin to mimic actual hairs resulting in a natural appearance.

Microblading can be a big commitment for some. The cost for a great brow artist isn’t cheap and the final product is semi-permanent. Because we care about our clients’ wants and needs, Nicole makes each client her number one priority during their appointments. You can expect her full and undivided attention during your microblading appointment.

It is important that each client feels comfortable and in good hands during their appointment. Nicole will answer any questions you have and walk you through the microblading process so that you know what to expect. By giving her full attention to clients, this means that calls and texts will be missed.

Why should I text?

When you text Nicole, it gives her more time to respond and a number to text back after. Many nights, Nicole doesn’t finish her last appointment until 7 or 8 PM; therefore it’s hard to find time to call someone back. Sending text messages ensures that no one ends up playing phone tag!

If possible, please text Nicole to schedule an appointment at (616) 293-6252. It is the easiest way for Nicole to get back to you in case she misses a phone call! For pricing, follow visit our Permanent Cosmetics Pricing page.

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