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The Importance of Aftercare

We’ll be the first to admit that aftercare is a pain. It’s tedious and takes a long time most nights, but its worth it. Those few extra steps you take each day can heavily impact the results of microblading. Nicole did her amazing work during the appointment and now it’s up to you to do your part!


Reduce the risk of infection

By following the aftercare instructions to a T, you reduce your risk of infection. A very important part of our aftercare instructions is cleaning. Many steps require washing your eyebrows to get rid of any bacteria hanging out on the surface. The worst case scenario when dealing with anything that requires depositing pigment into the skin is getting an infection. Should you see signs of an infection, please contact your medical care provider.


Better results

Failure to follow the aftercare instructions may result in loss or discoloration of pigment. The aftercare process is designed to give you the best results after your appointment. By washing and protecting your brows the first few weeks, you allow the brows to heal properly and the pigment to stay intact!

Easier to stop abnormalities in the healing process

If you’re following the aftercare steps properly but something still doesn’t seem right, it might be an infection! By following the instructions, it may be easier to spot an infection right away. Remember, the known possible complications from micropigmentation are redness, swelling, puffiness, bruising, dry patches, and tenderness. Should you see signs of an infection, please contact your medical care provider.


Download all of our aftercare instructions below:


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